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Writer’s Story Campaign


Why do YOU write? That’s the question we asked authors to answer in honor of the National Day on Writing. Check out their answers and learn more about how you can join the campaign below!


The Writer’s Story Campaign

No matter who you are, writing is part of your life. It’s part of how you work, how you learn, how you remember, and how you communicate. It gives voice to who you are and enables you to give voice to the things that matter to you.

For the past 8 years, we’ve seen thousands of people share their responses and engage in activities around the theme of #WhyIWrite. Their collective voices are raising the volume on the importance of writing, and this year we’d like to enlist the writers who inspire our teachers and students to join in.

Throughout the month of October we’re hoping writers will record short videos telling us why they write and why students should celebrate the writers within.

The outline for these 1- to 2-minute videos should follow this format:

Hello, my name is ______ and I am a writer.

You may be familiar with my book(s) _______.

Something you might not know about me is _______.

I write because _________.

I became a writer when _________.

And I want to encourage YOU to write because ________.

If writers can provide short stories or anecdotes to illustrate their answers, that will make the videos more vibrant.

Tips for good videos:

  • We’re looking for a quick, authentic video—nothing polished, nothing that requires you to do any editing.
  • Please record in horizontal mode if you’re using your phone.
  • Try not to include background noise or music as it can be distracting.
  • If you have a writing studio, that would provide a wonderful backdrop.
  • Look for good lighting in front of your face. Backlighting can make the video too dark.

Email videos to so we can post them on our website. By sending them to NCTE, you’re authorizing us to post this content on our website and to share it via our social media handles.

We encourage writers to share these videos via their own social media handles throughout the month of October. Remember to include the #WhyIWrite hashtag, which ties this campaign to the National Day on Writing.

Through our various social channels, NCTE reaches hundreds of thousands of viewers, and it will be incredible to see these videos show up in classrooms across the country. We are hoping that sticking to this simple format might even encourage teachers to record similar videos themselves or with their students. What a great way to celebrate the power and potential of the written word!

Thank you in advance for considering participation in this project. Your story matters and it may just be the spark that inspires a young writer.