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Episode 3 – Katina French




Fiction writers often feel a special connection to the characters they create.

Science Fiction and Fantasy author Katina French told us matter of factly, that she writes because the characters in her head won’t leave her alone otherwise. That by putting the words on the page it is the only way she can get them to shut up.

Like many writers, Kat doesn’t have the luxury of writing fiction full time (yet). She has had a successful career in the copywriting, community building and marketing fields.

mirrors_and_magic_ebook_250pxKat proudly shared with us that she has been a paid writer since she was eighteen years old and that she knew she wanted to be a writer since she was five years old.

Recent works include “The Clockwork Republics Series,” a set of steampunk retellings of classic fairy tales, as well as the space adventure serial Belle Starr.

Listen to hear why finding a writing group was so important to her and why she loves the challenge of writing short form flash fiction.

Classroom Connection

Consider sharing this podcast with your students! Here is an activity you might try:

Katina does a steampunk retelling of fairy tales in her popular The Clockwork Republics Series. What is your favorite fairy tale? How could you rework it? Change the setting, characters, problem, etc.

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