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Episode 1 – Brad Meltzer


Three Simple Words Changed His Life

You Can Write.

Brad Meltzer by Andy Ryan

Photo by Andy Ryan

Those were the three words spoken by a ninth grade English teacher to set Brad Meltzer on the path to being a New York Times Bestselling author.

Known for his Washington, DC area thrillers and children’s “I Am…” books, Brad’s life was turned upside down when his father lost his job at thirty nine.

Losing everything forced them to move and his dad proclaimed “We are going to have a do-over of life.”

Brad is thankful for rule breaking teachers like his Miss Spicer who look out for kids who need help. They create the most powerful thing out there: ideas.

Listen to the inaugural episode of the Why I Write Podcast and find out about his love of Superman, writing speeches for the President and what happened when he went back and said, “thank you” to Miss Spicer.

Classroom Connection

Consider sharing this podcast with your students! Here are some questions/activities you might try:

  1. What teacher would you thank? Write a letter to thank them. Be specific about how they made a difference in your education.
  2. Brad shares his process for writing his biography series. Who would you like to research and write about? Find a detail about them that isn’t well known and write that story.

Ithe house of secretsf you’d like to check out more of Brad’s work, you can visit his website.

You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Make sure you take the time to check out his newest book, “The House of Secrets” and more.


Today on the National Day of Writing, we wanted to create a way to showcase writers of various walks of life be it New York Times bestsellers, songwriters or graphic novelists. From this idea, our podcast was born. Please take a moment to subscribe using our RSS feed. We can promise some fascinating stories are yet to come.