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Why I Write: 3 Bloggers Reflect

Person working on the computer at night

Words matter, and our ability to use them to express ourselves is a unique quality of being human.

This website is designed to celebrate the role writing plays in ALL of our lives, not just those who write for a living.

Over the next several months we hope to showcase hundreds of stories that illustrate why people from all walks of life put words to paper or screen. Today we begin with excerpts from three recent blogs on the subject.

Katherine Sokolowski

“One night in Chicago I sat talking to Colby Sharp—someone I now consider a close friend, but a new friend at the time. I still remember him asking me what I was taking away from the conference. I paused and said that I realized I was a good reading teacher because I was a teacher who read. I could connect to my students through books. I could talk to them as reader to reader, but I couldn’t do that through writing. I realized it wasn’t the kids who had to change, it was me.” READ MORE

Jen Schwanke

“I write for the same reason I eat food, drink water, and walk, and do yoga.  There’s something inside me that insists upon it. Some people don’t need to write.  I envy them, because they apparently don’t have this inner nag chirping away all the time, telling them, always and always: write, already.” READ MORE

Sarah Jerasa

“What I believe is this: I write because I have something to say and when I write my thoughts, feelings, and ideas down it makes me feel more understood. I realized how much my writing mattered when I started blogging and submitting writing, taking writer’s workshops, and sharing my stories with my students. And I have found that the more I write, the more powerful my once quiet voice becomes and the more confident I am to say, I am a writer. And each time I am asked, my words are stronger when I reply, ‘Yes’.” READ MORE

Why do YOU write? Have you written about why you write?? Please share your story with us via the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.