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Ways to Celebrate the National Day on Writing


Looking for inspiration on how to celebrate the National Day on Writing? Here are a few ideas to get you started!

  1. Host a Write-In!
  2. Create a Graffiti Board.
  3. Cover the sidewalk in powerful words.
  4. Conduct a Spoken Word/Poetry Slam Celebration.
  5. Have your students prepare for one of NCTE’s writing award programs.
  6. Create a class recipe book or have students share recipes online.
  7. Submit book reviews via a site like Goodreads.
  8. Interview family members and share stories. You can record them using something like the Storycorps App.
  9. Have older students create books, short stories, plays, etc. for younger students that explain core concepts they learn in school like how addition works or how to be kind to others.
  10. Plan and write out a travel itinerary.
  11. Explore all these places compiled by Larry Ferlazzo where students can write online for an authentic audience.
  12. Create ads for existing products, imaginary products, or things that aren’t products like friendship, understanding, listening, etc.
  13. Try some improvisational writing like “word-at-a-time” storytelling.
  14. Play with writing on sticky notes: there are so many possibilities!
  15. Engage with your students’ favorite authors using one of these suggestions.
  16. Host a Twitter chat around writing.
  17. Post butcher paper in the lunchroom and ask students to contribute to why they write.
  18. Have students retell a history lesson as a children’s book.
  19. Capture the essence of a book chapter in a bumper sticker.
  20. Create a story based on a page from a picture book.
  21. Work together as a class to write a story—each person contributes a sentence or paragraph.
  22. Write a found poem using words and images from magazines or other sources of inspiration.
  23. Ask students to submit picture prompts and spend time writing in response to the photos.
  24. Create story bags (or have students create bags for others) and allow students to write stories.
  25. Arrange stations where students can explore writing with different tools (computer, typewriter, phone, pen, pencil, stamps, etc.
  26. Go on an Exquisite Corpse Adventure to see how author John Scieszka and his friends play this super cool collaborative writing game!

What would you add to this list? Share your ideas in the comments below or via the #WhyIWrite hashtag and we’ll add them!