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Be a part of the National Day on Writing

How can I be part of the National Day on Writing? Glad you asked!

It’s easy to join the chorus of #WhyIWrite voices across the nation on October 20. Here’s some inspiration from your friends at NCTE:

  • Challenge yourself to write something new—a short story, poem, article, blog entry, or an interview—and share through social media with the #WhyIWrite hashtag.
  • Post an older piece you’ve written and maybe never shared before.
  • Your piece doesn’t have to be traditional writing! How about an audio recording or a comic/drawing for a change of pace?
  • Teachers can bring #WhyIWrite into the classroom by talking about why writing matters and offering students exercises to stretch their imaginations and express their perspectives through the written word.
  • Ask people about how writing is part of their lives; compile answers in list or as a meme to post online.
  • Encourage friends, family members, and coworkers to celebrate the National Day on Writing with you. Maybe everyone writes on a similar topic or you find a way to write together.
  • Organize a #WhyIWrite celebration at your school or in your community through activities such as a writing marathon, poetry slam, or journal read-in. Keep it as formal or as informal as you like so that it’s a comfortable and memorable experience.

Keep the #WhyIWrite spirit alive all year long by visiting this site for fresh writing ideas, reflections from writers, and opportunities to share your own work!

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