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Episode 8 – David Moldawer


David MoldawerMy path first crossed with David Moldawer’s when he hired my marketing agency to help with a social media push for a book he was working on at St. Martin’s Press.

Since then our paths have continued to cross in a variety of fun ways and today I’m excited that those paths lead him to being a guest on the Why I Write Podcast.

David is based in Brooklyn, New York, and spent over a decade as a book editor at a slew of New York publishing houses acquiring and editing bestselling nonfiction in the areas of business, technology, health, and memoir.

Today, as an independent writer and editor he is keeping himself extremely busy.

I’m a big fan of his newsletter, Maven Game, because it always gives me something new to think about and his carefully chosen words never let me down.

He also helps aspiring authors find their voice through a variety of ways which you’ll hear about on the show and can find on the Bookitect site.

Classroom Connection

David describes the tricky balance when pitching a book between being innovative but also appealing to current interests. Consider a book that you’ve read that you love. Imagine how the author might have pitched that book when they were submitting it for consideration. In the role of that author, write that pitch letter.

Being a successful writer is about so much more than having a great idea and David has spent his career helping take an idea and get it on shelves.

Listen and find out more.