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Episode 5 – Nicole Blades


Nicole Blades sat down to take her LSATs and realized that practicing law was not how she wanted to spend the rest of her life.

She has been putting words to paper since a child and an English teacher encourage her to pursue this career.

All of those moments, combined with a conversation between her and a makeup artist on the set of a horrible talk show made her realize that journalism was the perfect way to be a writer as a career.

As with most writers, her career path was not a straight line. She has worked at Essence Magazine, ESPN and Women’s Health. She also has an ongoing successful freelance writing career.

thunderbeneathuscoverHer latest novel, The Thunder Beneath Us, is now on bookstore shelves and we had a great conversation about the cover and wondering how and if it might change when the book hits International markets.

Listen in as we discuss literature censorship, the role of race in writing and her desire for more “reflective writing instead of diverse writing.” An idea that opened my mind in multiple new directions and one that I think will do the same to you.

Nicole and I both believe that we need stories and art more than ever.

A few links referenced in the show that you’ll want to be sure to visit once you are done listening.

Classroom Connection

Nicole discusses what she does to prepare to write. What do you do when you prepare to write? If you struggle with finding time to write, what steps could you take?

Thank you for making the first months of this show a success and we’ll see you in 2017 with more great episodes.

Happy New Years and Happy Writing!