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Episode 20 – Lynnda Pollio


We all know that books make great gifts. When I fall head over heels in love with a book, I tend to buy copies for people I think will appreciate it and benefit from reading it.

This is how Lynnda Pollio’s book Trusting the Currents came into my life—as a gift from a friend who thought it was needed.

Lynnda was born in rural New Jersey and wandered through childhood feeling like she belonged somewhere else.

As an adult, she moved to New York City and began experiencing life from many new perspectives. After her father died, she heard a voice tell her to go to Sedona, Arizona, and that began a journey into spiritual awakening and the writing of her book Trusting the Currents.

Narrated by Addie Mae Aubrey, Trusting the Currents is a spiritual story of self-discovery—of faith, courage, forgiveness, and the uneasy search for one’s place in life.

Throughout the story her mother remains an unwavering source of love, even when fear and evil shake their lives. Unfathomable loss and rising trust in the “Invisibles” not only transforms Addie Mae’s budding life, but led to my own spiritual awakening.

I don’t want to spoil anything for readers, but you’ll discover that the power of books plays a major role in the story. For this reason, as soon as I finished it I gave the book to my teenage daughter and encouraged her to read it.

Find out more about Lynnda and her work at

Classroom Connection

Lynnda Pollio talks about the importance of tailoring your message so that it resonates with your chosen audience. She describes how she chooses her words carefully to make sure that what people hear matches what she wants to say. Imagine a brief message (1-3 sentences) that you want to share with someone. Write it down. Now imagine that you are conveying that message to five very different people. Modify your statement for each audience. Consider why you made the changes you made.