About our host, C.C. Chapman

cc-chapman-cubeleanYou’d be hard-pressed to find a more multi-faceted or enthusiastic creative/strategic partner in the marketing and content creation fields than C.C. Chapman.

He is the co-author of the International bestseller Content Rules and the author of Amazing Things Will Happen. With his books being translated in over a dozen languages, he travels the globe speaking in front of audiences encouraging them to do more good in the world and how to understand today’s marketing better. C.C. teaches classes for Lynda.com, CreativeLive and now as an adjunct professor at Bentley University (where he also graduated from).

C.C. Chapman sports the pro cred to be a talker (working closely with such clients as American Eagle Outfitters, Coca-Cola, HBO and Warner Bros.), and the passion and gumption to be a doer (creating content for the emerging online dad market, marketing professionals, music fans and more). He was one of the first professional podcasters in 2004 and hosted one of the world’s most popular indie podcasts ‘Accident Hash.’

C.C. is an advocate who speaks about building passionate communities and the strategic values of content-based marketing. As a professional creative, his work and thoughts have appeared in the pages of Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal and on CNN.

C.C. serves on the board of The Hockey Foundation. He happily lives in the woods outside of Boston with his loving family. Follow C.C. on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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