Writing Tips

Keep these tips from NCTE in mind as you think about your writing.
(We’ll be adding more soon!)

Beginning a Piece of Writing
An introduction to any piece of writing serves one function: hooking the reader to make him or her want to continue. But getting a piece of writing started with a good hook is often one of the hardest parts for writers. 

Determining What to Write About 
Many people believe that authors just have ideas that come to them or, worse yet, that authors are so intelligent that they are able to create something unique that has never been seen or thought of before. In reality, neither scenario is entirely true.

Finding the Writing Process that Works for You
The writing process is just what it sounds like: the process a writer follows in order to move from the initial ideas about a piece of writing to a finished product that has been revised and edited to the writer’s satisfaction.

Connecting with Your Audience
Just as advertisers “target” specific audiences with their commercials, writers need to consider what they are writing and to whom they are targeting their message in order to be effective.

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