Episode 2 – Jonathan Fields

November 3, 2016

jonathan-fields-753x1024A Good Life is One Dedicated to Mastering What You Love

Jonathan Fields is a parent, entrepreneur and writer. He lives a purposeful life and loves sharing stories of others who do the same through his Good Life Project

He was so committed to ensuring that his third book How to Live a Good Life was the book he (and his publisher) wanted it to be that Jonathan wrote three complete manuscripts before the book hit shelves and nightstands earlier this month.

We chatted about his belief that writing is an even more important skillset for our children than it was for us. He also shared his wish that more people would write with the intent of improving.

Do you agree? Are you committed enough to your words to start over from scratch not once, but twice, if the book wasn’t “it” yet?

Jonathan is committed to mastering the craft of writing and I hope our conversation will inspire you to be as well. He shares a well of knowledge from his experiences and you get to benefit from it.

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You can listen to more from Jonathan in our 2nd episode of Why I Write:

Photo credit: Jonathan Fields’ website

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