How to Host a Write-In for the National Day on Writing

This resource was developed by Holly Hassel, editor of Teaching English in the Two-Year College and professor at the University of Wisconsin Marathon County drawing from resources written with Amy Lueck, Jeff Andelora, and Carolyn Calhoon-Dillahunt.

Many educators have felt called to engage with recent public and government conversations about education, language, and literacy. They want to be active in shaping local and national policy and to help their students use their rhetorical skills to do the same. With impending changes to literacy and educational policies across the country, there is no better time to engage our colleagues and to teach our students to advocate.

We invite teachers and their classes to get involved with this year’s National Day of Writing (October 20) by incorporating an action-oriented Write-In as an option for the day. In hosting a Write-In, writing professionals and writing classes at every grade and level across the country will compose texts that reflect on and advocate for literacy learning. By using the provided activities and assignment linked below, or developing their own, we hope teachers and their students will engage in purpose-driven, persuasive writing for a range of public audiences.

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