Ways to Celebrate the National Day on Writing

October 9, 2017

Looking for inspiration on how to celebrate the National Day on Writing? Here are a few ideas to get you…

Write, Teach, Lead

October 30, 2016

Thanks to teacher, author, and NCTE affiliate leader Jennie Brown for writing this blog. The reason why I write, teach,…

Why We Write

October 20, 2016

Thanks to Katherine Sokolowski and her 7th graders for contributing this blog. Last year when NCTE celebrated the National Day…

Podcast Backstory

Emily Kirkpatrick
October 20, 2016

The following post was written by Emily Kirkpatrick, Executive Director of the National Council of Teachers of English. She wrote…

Peck, Peck, Peck

Millie Davis
October 19, 2016

Thanks to author Pat Mora for writing this blog.   I look back at my few pieces of writing, in…

Why I Write: 3 Bloggers Reflect

Jenna Fournel
October 17, 2016

Words matter, and our ability to use them to express ourselves is a unique quality of being human. This website…

6 Authors Talk About Writing

Millie Davis
October 17, 2016

In the past on the National Day on Writing, we asked many authors to tell us about why they write….