Episode 5 – Nicole Blades

C.C. Chapman
December 15, 2016

Nicole Blades sat down to take her LSATs and realized that practicing law was not how she wanted to spend the…

Episode 4 – Matthew Ebel

C.C. Chapman
December 1, 2016

Matthew Ebel has always enjoyed playing with his imaginary friends and as he grew older he went from simply talking…

Episode 3 – Katina French

C.C. Chapman
November 17, 2016

  Fiction writers often feel a special connection to the characters they create. Science Fiction and Fantasy author Katina French…

Episode 2 – Jonathan Fields

C.C. Chapman
November 3, 2016

A Good Life is One Dedicated to Mastering What You Love Jonathan Fields is a parent, entrepreneur and writer. He…

Episode 1 – Brad Meltzer

C.C. Chapman
October 20, 2016

Three Simple Words Changed His Life “You Can Write.” Those were the three words spoken by a ninth grade English…

The #WhyIWrite Podcast!

October 17, 2016

We launched a new podcast for the National Day on Writing on October 20th to listen to the first interview…